Monday, December 13, 2010

Nails in the wall

Today I had probably the most boring day ever. It started off by sleeping in til 11am. Then I decided to watch a movie, which means I was in bed until like 1:30pm. Then I got up, made myself some eggs and toast, and watched TV for a bit. I got back in bed and spent some time on the computer. Then I showered and cleaned my room a little. And right now I'm watching a movie on TV after just eating a sandwich and I might go hang out with Jes shortly if Chris doesn't call back for his guitar lesson.

I have a love/hate relationship with days like this. I like them because it's a nice break from constantly going, but I don't like them because I accomplished nothing today. Nothing worth noting, anyway.

I hung up the crosses from this little collection I started. They are all from different states and countries around the world. I haven't gotten any new ones in about two years, but I'm going to start looking for more. I also hung up the three 7-inches I bought from the thrift store a few weeks ago.

Time to do nothing again.

peace, love, and boredom.

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