Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letters from the heart, pt. 2

Dear Beloved,

I know I can always count on you. You've known me for years and years and years, and no matter what I do or how much I irritate you, you love me all the same. There are often times when we get under each other's skin, but there is a love that runs deeper than that. A forgiving love. I remember when I was younger how we used to make blueberry muffins on Saturdays and I would lick the bowl. I remember you helping me with the many times I thought I couldn't do it. I remember falling asleep on your lap in "big church." Don't think you have played your role in my life incorrectly. I couldn't imagine you doing a better job than the one you've already done. You taught me to love music, which has become a big part of who I am, and you taught me to love who I am. You have your downfalls like everyone else, but you are a wonderful example. I love you, Beloved.


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