Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homemade cheesy potatoes

Today was a pretty decent day. Started it all off by waking up, then proceeding to use the bathroom because my bladder was pretty full. Then I got ready for flag football, picked Chris up, stopped at Fray's, and went down to Walter Fuller Park.

Unfortunately I only got to play a little over a half an hour because I had to go home and get showered for work. I had the closing shift, but I really enjoyed work today. Not the actual work portion (although the $10 tip was a nice bonus), but the conversations I had with my coworkers. I'm not really a huge fan of that word. Let's call them 'work friends.'

Jason has been talking a lot about discipleship over the past few months and how we need to be pouring ourselves out into other people. I've always liked that picture in my mind - us, as some sort of container, being filled up daily by our personal time with God and various fellowship opportunities, and pouring ourselves out into other people. Then they get filled up and then pour themselves out into other people. And those people get filled up and then pour themselves out into other people. And it just keeps going from there. (JJ also talked about that a lot when he was youth pastor at FSCC, and it's always stuck with me.)

There is a girl I know who I love dearly and she's about 14 and attends the youth group at my old church. What is awesome is I've been able to be there for every key moment in her walk with the Lord. Praise God. And since the beginning I've been trying to pour myself out to her and teach her to do the same.

But something I noticed today is that there is another girl I've been discipling, and I didn't even really realize it until moments ago. One of my work friends, who is an absolute sweetheart and about 17 or 18, started working at Planet Jump probably six months ago. In one of our first conversations she mentioned that she went to church and then I asked what she believes and all these questions about her faith. She revealed that she was kind of a new christian. Since then, we've had some amazing talks.

Today we had another one of those great talks. She was asked to stay an hour later than her shift because we were short one person and she was asking me what she should do about it. She admitted that she really did not want to stay, so I simply asked her if Jesus was in her shoes, would He stay? It was then that she said she really appreciated that and how I always ask her the hard questions. I was able to share with her all that God has been teaching me lately about being a servant and humbling yourself so you can sacrifice your wants and needs for someone else's. I mean, we're called to be like Jesus, right? Didn't He do all those things?

It's just been really awesome to see God reveal Himself in different ways in my life. And how He's been showing me that I'm not wasting my time anywhere. Praise God.

In other news, my mom made homemade cheesy potatoes that I am going to partake in right now. Goodnight, kiddos.

peace, love, and delicious flavor.

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