Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monster, pt. 3

The buzzing of my fan ensues,
White noise to block you out;
My eyes glance around the room,
My heart is beating doubt.
A single lamp is flickering,
I clench a pillow to my chest;
My thoughts cannot stop bickering;
Will I ever find rest?
Footsteps resonate from down the hall
And my pulse is gaining speed.
The rhythms sync, then suddenly halt;
I've sunk down to my knees.
Under the door, a shadow lingers.
My hands clasp together,
Finger intertwined with finger,
And I begin to finally remember:
The door is locked and I hold the key;
Sorry, Monster, for you cannot enter.
Because of Him, I am now free.
Of my life, He is the center.

peace, love, and late-night poetry.

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