Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy birthday

Meet Jonathan Sennit. (Photo credit to the lovely Loren Fay.)

I was first introduced to him back in 2005. He started attending FSCC for youth group to help us out as we were beginning a new chapter with the church. He and I quickly became friends. We both loved music and life and most importantly, God. He was the person that was there whenever you needed him, even if you didn’t want him. He was wise in the Word and sought God daily; Jesus Christ is what kept him going each and every day. Yes, he had his downfalls like any other human being, but he was never afraid to admit that and move on, move forward. He was an encourager, a servant. In September 2008 he was diagnosed with brain cancer; February 2009, God called him Home. Through everything he endured, he praised God for it -everything. He is the greatest example of a Christ-follower I have had the honor of knowing; he was one of my best friends.

Today is his birthday; he would’ve been 21 today. I miss him every day, but some days are harder than others. This tiny blog post does not do him justice. All of this to say, I know he is having the best birthday ever - I mean, he is spending it with the Creator of the universe and that’s pretty amazing. Happy birthday, Jonathan. I love you and miss you. Moshpitwarriors forever.

peace, love, and memories.


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