Thursday, January 6, 2011


I honestly have no flipping clue where God wants me right now or what He wants me to do with my life. Sometimes I really just wish God would literally open His mouth and speak to me directly and tell me exactly what it is He wants me to do in such a way that I will have no doubt in my mind that it's Him. But it doesn't work like that.

So many opportunities have opened up, but the question is, which one do I take? Do I go back to Sweden and work with teens there sharing with them the love of Christ? Do I go to Russia this spring with my church and be a light there? Do I go away to some college? Do I even go to college? Do I go lead worship at a camp in Washington this summer? Do I get a full time job now, or do I wait? Do I focus all of my attention on starting a band? Oh my goodness.

I wouldn't say I'm necessarily worrying about it, I would just like to know what it is I'm supposed to do. I understand that following Christ is one big galaxy-sized leap of faith, but... Well, there is no "but." That's it, I guess.

All of this to say, I need some direction, and I need to spend some time in prayer about that as well. I would really appreciate it if you all would pray for me too. Maybe God will literally knock me over the head with what He wants me to do, then I'll know for sure.

peace, love, and longing.

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