Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Excuse Overcome

The sun is setting
And the stars are ready
For this day to come to an end
An overtaking night sweeps in
The clouds communicate
Their laughter turns to rain
Gravity pulls the water down
But in stubbornness, turns it back around
A voice is carried down the river by a chilling breeze
Are You its owner, speaking out to me?

I hear You, oh I hear You
But I'm not as obedient as the trees that grow toward You
I need You, You know I need You, Lord
So I'll take that piece of wood and move forward

The buzzing bees and chirping birds ensure
That all is well, yet we still endure
The pain of the day and the cricks in our necks
What's next? Glasses and specs?
The morning grass is wet with dew
And each seed sprouts in the golden hue
I suppose I can't complain
After all, You've given me a name

I hear You, oh I hear You
But I can't speak as well as my brother before You
I need You, my God, I need You
Torn, I'll take up this piece of wood and move forward

peace, love, and originals.

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