Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is for real.

It's official, folks.

I have graduated.

I am no longer a high school student.

It's kind of a relief knowing I will never have to go back to high school drama again. Now I get to face the wonders of real world drama. Zoinks.

Well, tonight I am off to play in my mom's band concert. She teaches fourth and fifth graders how to play different instruments, and at the end of every year, she holds a band concert in which all the parents can dote on their kids. My friend, Arin, and I have been playing at these concerts for a few years now. My mom always requests us, and a few others, to help out with the sound of the group. We do it 'cause we get paid. And we love my mom.

Today, I was trying to convince my mom to let me get my nose pierced. I told her that it would be between forty and fifty dollars cheaper than getting my hair done, it lasts longer, but it's not as permanent as getting a tattoo. She's almost at the "yes" point. (See Beth, I told you that if I waited too long I wouldn't want it anymore.)

Well, a dee duh dee dee, that's all folks.

peace, love, and porky pig.


no1uthpastorwife said...

Not my fault you waited--I can't control the hair people. =( Sorry. But I'm all for a no nose piercing party.

bmm88 said...

Well, Miss Kaeli, congrats on graduation! Feels great, right? Godspeed with the performance, and we need to have another jam session soon. God bless and I'll see ya later!

- Brian