Thursday, May 22, 2008

The final countdown

I've had a strangely absurd feeling the past few days. My last days of high school are approaching, and rather rapidly. Yesterday was Senior Skip Day, and I enjoyed not doing anything. Today I had my Economics exam and emptied out my locker, and tomorrow I have my College Algebra and Christian Living exams. It's weird to think I'll never be in high school again... you know, unless something happens and I fail every single class. I'm super excited to get out, but at the same time, I realize I am cautiously stepping out into a world I don't know. All I've known is what it's been like to be sheltered and provided for by my parents, along with knowing that I still have "X" amount of years/months/days left until I graduate. It's not like that anymore. I have seven days until I graduate. And only four months until I really step out into a different world. I feel like I don't want high school to end, but at the same time, I cannot wait to get out. It just all seems so surreal.

Well, that's my blurb for today. Haha, "blurb" is a funny word.
peace, love, and one week

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