Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Blog!

What do people do on Memorial Day? Have BBQs? Play beach volleyball? I have no idea. I don't think I've ever really celebrated Memorial Day...

Today, I went over to John and Gina's and glazed some of the pottery I made back in January. We fired one of the coffee cups I made in the kiln, but the other one has to wait because it needs to be fired in the electric kiln. Whatever that means. I don't know a whole lot about pottery, but I really enjoy it. It's challenging.

My neighbor, JJ (not my youth pastor), just finished putting hard wood flooring in his house. My mom and I went next door to check it out. It's pretty cool. He did a good job.

My mom and Denis are currently making Sloppy Joe's for dinner. Mmm. I'm excited.

And that pretty much is what my day consisted of.

peace, love, and boredom.


uthpastorjj said...

BBQ on Memorial Day is customary, kind of a welcome to summer tradition. I bought 3 slabs of ribs the other day...and some watermelon. Perfect Memorial Day fair, and what do we end up eating? Spaghetti. (But Karam still convinced us to dig into the watermelon).

kae ricc said...

Why'd you pick spaghetti?