Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pray for Sennit

I've known Sennit for four years now. We have been such good friends for these four years. There was always something about him that stuck out, something that I was always slightly envious of. I have always looked up to him for his outstanding faith and trust in God. To be honest, I don't know how he does it. There have been times when he's gone through some pretty rough stuff, but every time we would talk about it, he would always say how he is just trusting God and that God knows what he's doing. But not only did he talk about that, he acted it out. I've not only noticed his trust in God when he speaks, but also in all he does. He is always looking for ways to praise God in what he does. And then I feel sorry for myself because I doubt sometimes, or I stray.

Well, something that I have been thinking about today is that Sennit might be in the hospital with a brain tumor, but one thing is for darn sure - he is still praising God. In his pain and suffering, he is still praising God. And I know that he would want us to be doing the same thing, because no matter what the outcome is, he will be praising God, and so should we. Yes, things are definitely hard now and there have been many tears shed and many more to come, but God is still in control. God knows what he's doing, and Sennit knows that, so we should know that too. Trust God. Have faith in him. Pray for Sennit.

peace, love, and praying for Sennit.


Loren Fay. said...

you know, i know i believe it too. he was so charming as usual on the phone. being himself as best as possible. seriously, god is at his bedside. i sware, i know it. i feel it. but at the same time, we feel like we feel less of god cause he is all going through our prayer to jon. thats what i think. idk, i just have this picture of a windy blowing(that is god)& it is the air that fills his room. lame sounding kinda, but thats how i see it.

read my blog. poem, of course :)
maybe u & i should hang out today for a bit. i have nothing but thinking to do & i am in p.park & i just cant handle this alone time to myself. would that be alright?

Kenneth said...

He is something else for sure