Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day Three

Last night, we got our chores; they are called "duties" and everyone is given a job to do at a certain time of the day. Mine is washing pots and pans after lunch. I work with two guys, Manuele and John. I hate washing dishes, and lunch is when the most pots and pans are used. I would rather clean toilets, but I guess God is trying to teach me something. Probably something along the lines of, "It's not about me," or "Humble myself to serve others;" something like that.
For breakfast today, we had hot oatmeal with cinnamon sugar. It wasn't too bad, but I didn't eat very much.
Morning lectures started at 9:30am and went until 12:35pm with a tea break in the Bik and another five minute break. I was so tired that I thought I was going to fall asleep in class. I didn't, but now I have a huge headache because of how tired I am.
Lunch was pretty good today. We had rice with stir fry. I met a girl named Bekah, and she has a short pixie hair cut. The color is platinum blonde with a pink section. It looks freakin' sweet. Turns out, she graduated high school a year early and went to beauty school for a year. She said she'd cut my hair if I wanted her to.
After lunch, we had duties. It wasn't that bad because I just had to dry and put things away. John is from England, so we were speaking like him for a little. It was funny.
My headache still hasn't gone away.
Around 3pm, I got my laptop and went to the internet room. Cory was on Skype and so I got to video chat with him. That made me happy =) I also got to video chat with Taylor through iChat. It was good to see her again as well.
Well, my head is pounding, so I'm going to catch some z's. Thankfully, there is no singing in my room today.

I got about a 40 minute nap in today. I set my alarm to go off at 5pm, and it did, but I fell back asleep. Thankfully, my roommate, Maddie, woke me up at 5:20pm.
Tonight was soup night, and it tasted a lot better than it looked. It was some sort of potato, ham, and corn soup and it was fantastic; so was the bread. Unfortunately, corn messes up my stomach and makes me feel nauseas, so I had to try to not dish any out to myself. I sat with Stephanie and Kjell at dinner. They are a lot of fun to talk to.
I spent a little more time on the computer after dinner, just checking Facebook and whatnot. I talked to John J. via instant messenger for a bit and that was neat. Except for when he was looking up Holsby Brunn and saying he was going to stalk me. Okay, John J.
Class tonight was really good. We talked about the unity of God, and the Trinity, and how it's basically a tri-unity. We also talked about some of the names God gave himself. "God," being the first one in the Bible; in Hebrew, it's "Elohim." "Eloh" meaning strength and power, and "im" being a plural. "Adonai" mentioned in the Psalms; "Adon" meaning master or lord, and "ai," another plural. And then there is the one that the Jews thought was so holy that it shouldn't even be spoken: YHWH; or as we say it - Yahweh. It means "to be."
Then we talked about the name Jehovah. Turns out, God didn't give himself that name - man did. It is a name made up by a group of scholars who took the vowel sounds from "Adonai" and put them in the unspoken word, "YHWH." Todd brought up a good point during his lecture. He asked if we thought we should only call God by the names he gave himself, or is it okay to come up with names to call him? What do you think?
On a much lighter subject, we went up to the Bik after class and hung out. I ended up playing Phase 10 with a group of girls.
Today, Steph mentioned something called Nutella. Supposedly, it has the consistency of peanut butter, but it tastes like chocolate and you eat it on bread. I've never had it, so Steph said when she gets some, I'm trying it. That's all for now.

peace, love, and chocolate.


A visible Ghost said...

OMG NUTELLA IS AMAZING!!!!! We had it all the time in Italy. You are in for a treat my dear. P.S. What's the postage going to be if I send you a letter, any idea?

Taylor Peak

Beth said...

Agree with Taylor. Nutellas is awesome. I might just get some to eat in your honor. Mmmmm.

Miss you and praying for you. Keep your chin up. And yes, we saved CSI Miami for you.