Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mail's here!

Ok, so I haven't received any mail yet, but that can change! And it can change today.

Here is my address if you want to mail me something. It can be anything from a letter, or a package with who knows what in it.

I would really like some pictures and some letters from you all. I have a bulletin board next to my bunk I can hang them on.

Kaeli Riccardi
c/o Fackelbararna
Brunnsv. 31
57015 Holsbybrunn

The second "a" in Fackelbararna has two dots above it. I couldn't copy and paste it onto blogger for whatever reason.

Please mail me stuff!


1 comment:

C-dizzle said...

How do I mail stuff internationaly? I have no idea. I am glad I got to talk to you yesterday. You need to update your blog!!!!