Sunday, June 2, 2013

We like sports

Pray that I don't continue to give my heart to him because he hasn't earned it. Pray that I can be happy for him and genuinely appreciate his friendship regardless of our status. Pray that I will have faith that God has someone out there for me that I'll meet in His timing. Pray that He will prepare my heart for my future mister.

On a much, much lighter note:

Last night I went to my second roller derby bout ever and it ended up being a double-header. Both Tallahassee teams lost, but I had fun either way. If I was able to make the commitment, I would totally join a derby team when I move back to St. Pete.

Today I played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of people up here that I love. I've really missed that game, I haven't played in a couple years. I kept having flashbacks of playing it in Mississippi (remember that great catch, JJ?), playing it on SPC's campus, and playing it in Sweden in the rain. So many great memories with that game.

Then Tina, Josh, and Ramoane all came back to my house and I taught them how to play Dutch Blitz. I dominated, of course, but that's not the point. I'm glad they like it because I've been trying to get people to play that game since I've lived here. Now, two months before I leave, I finally find people that enjoy it.

peace, love, and Vitamin Water.

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