Thursday, June 20, 2013

To my future husband

My dearest,

Sometimes at night I cry because I just haven't felt good enough for anyone yet. I haven't felt attractive enough, or smart enough, or funny enough, or spiritual enough. I have wasted so much time and thought on other men; so much of my heart has been handed out and it hurts that it's been broken so many times before. But then I am reminded of how I was crafted for you, how you were put together for me; how God on High knew before either of us were knit that we were designed to be for each other.

I want to be your teammate, your best friend, your biggest fan, your muse, your partner in crime. I want to cook for you, to pray with you, to laugh and cry with you. I want to be absolutely ridiculous with you. I want to watch nerdy TV shows and movies with you. I want to play music with you. I want to be free with you. I want to be your wife, the mother of your children, the grandmother of our children's children.

I want to talk to you under the sheets with a flashlight. I want to stay up way too late reading together and talking about our days. I want to sleep in on rainy days and just be with you. I want to adventure with you. I want to hike and go for bike rides and kayak and dance and go to an archery range. I want to make so many memories with you that we will never run out of stories to tell.

Most of all, I want to serve Christ and the Body with you. I want to be challenged by you and with you and grow so far into Christ that there is no end to where your or I begin in Him.

For now, I will wait. Patient, but with so much longing. I cannot wait until I meet you, my darling. Thank you for waiting for me.

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