Sunday, June 9, 2013


I get hit fairly often with bouts of missing people deeply. I have been blessed to be able to do and see so many amazing things and meet and grow with so many amazing people, that I wish I could split myself up so I could always be in those places. However, life is full of seasons that aren't meant to stick around. It's a sad truth that I won't always be as close with people as I was when I was living with/near them. I wish that wasn't true.

I miss being another adopted kid in the Gawlowicz family.
I miss adventuring in the Swedish forests with my Holsby family.
I miss playing with Legos and rollerblading with Caleb, Josh, and Thomas.
I miss family vacations before my parents divorced.
I miss being roommates with Bekah and Kristin.
I miss going to Cornerstone with Thad and Jillian.
I miss competing in marching competitions with the RA band.
I miss VBS set up and helping with VBS week with the Coombs.
I miss Rica being my best friend.
I miss beach worship at pier 60.
I miss Sennit being around all the time.
I miss shenanigans with Kenny.
I miss being close with Kaydee and Alyson.
I miss carpool meetings at the Reynolds'.
I miss the Movement.
I miss Winter Retreats.

Sometimes missing all of these people (mentioned and not) makes me feel lonely and it's somewhat heartbreaking. I want all of these people to know how much I care about them even though we never see each other anymore. I want people to know that just because things aren't the same, I still love them so much. It's just hard sometimes to keep reminding myself that where I am now is good and these people now are good and we are doing good things and serving a good God when I often think about where I've come from.

God, give me a present mind. Thank You for the times past, thank You for what's happening now, and thank You for what will happen. Help me to keep You as my strength and remember that You are full of good things. Thank You for always blessing me and for the people who have helped me become who I am right now.

peace, love, and memories.

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