Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This weekend

I keep getting more and more excited to be moving back to St. Pete. I went down this past weekend because we were auditioning a potential drummer and every time I go to that city I can't help but dream until I am actually living there.

Friday night we went to see Man of Steel with some folks that were pretty nice. Abbey and Toper get free tickets to Baywalk so that was a treat. Man, that movie was fantastic. I really can't get over how well done that was. The only thing about it I didn't like was Kevin Costner as Clark's dad. He's the only character I didn't believe.

Saturday we spent some time fixing up the old house and recording the sounds that we were making. We put some fake wood flooring down in the spare bedroom, and then took down one of the walls in Abbey's room. Later the Mitchells came over and we had some family time. We talked a lot about creation and how we are to take care of it and then how we can specifically take care of it. Then James (potential drummer) met us at the house. We took him to Starbucks and talked about the project and what we're about and what we're looking for. Then we brought him back to the house and taught him a song.

Sunday Abbey and I slept in until 11am. Neither of us do that. Ever. After we finally woke up we went and got breakfast and coffee and met back at the house to practice til I had to leave for Tallahassee.

I really am not sure how it's going to be having James a part of the project, but we will see. This next month is going to be insanely busy for all of us what with me trying to move and us trying to play a few shows. This is all crazy and overwhelming and exciting. I am really looking forward to a life with these guys.

peace, love, and futures.

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