Thursday, February 10, 2011

Psalm 139-ish

She releases a slow, soothing sigh as she recollects her not-so-distant past. Reminded of what used to consume her thoughts, she shakes it off, looking forward in hope.

"This heart's been broken many a time," she thought, "but You have set me free."

Before the dust in the air can settle, she jumps to her feet, arms raised in surrender, and cries out to the One who saved her:

"You know who I really am - every part of me - and why I've felt this way. Sometimes it's hard to believe that You understand; I need Your hand to take hold of me. But you see, even before I was a thought in my mother's mind, You saw me intertwined in Your grace; You knelt down and kissed my face. It is almost too much for me, but that is where beauty is found. How can I hide from You when You know exactly where I'll go? If I think I've gone too far, if I'm running scared from the Dark, Your light will break through the night. You pulled me through the eye of a needle, away from isolation; my most secret place is somewhere Your name seeps in. I can do nothing but praise You for this life You've given me. Though I am broken and poured out, Your love rescues me."

She fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. She knew her Love was near:

"I love it when You whisper in my ear to meet You at the shore. I love it when You call me by name. I love how You hand-picked every star and put each in its perfect place. I love when You wrap Your arms around me and pull me in the biggest embrace, the tightest embrace, the warmest embrace. I cannot wait to finally see You face-to-face. I love that without You I have nothing; I am nothing."

She bowed her head in serenity, though joy and wholeness flooded her soul like a raging river.

peace, love, and identity.
kaeli grace

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