Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally, I surrender

God has definitely been working in my life.

It's amazing what can happen once you surrender everything to Him. And I mean everything. I've been learning how to really surrender lately, how to lay it all down.

And now because of that, amazing things have happened: friendships are being restored, new friendships are being made, doors are being opened, hearts are being softened, walls are being broken down.

I am still healing and still relying on God to get me through this heartbreak, but I know that greater things have yet to come. I am excited for everything else God is going to teach me through this.

"Finally, I surrender
All to You, I give it all to You
Finally, I surrender
All I am, I owe it all to You."
("White Flag" by For Today)

peace, love, and restoration.

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