Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black socks and white-woolen locks

We've been going through John 10 this week at bible study and I was inspired to write a poem from the perspective of the thief. Here it is:

I am a wolf in sheep's clothing
Passing by the watchmen, on to the herd
Disguised in determination
Waiting for one to be lured
Out by curiosity, or a mere distraction
So I can soon follow that lonely lamb
And satisfy my unending hunger
But suddenly, I hear a crying Man
He's calling out a name
One I do not recognize
And that measly morsel turns around
Leaving me to wallow in my demise
Where the Man now lays His head
I would not think to enter
For I am a god in my own mind
'Pride' some call it (I'm my own center)

peace, love, and perspective.

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