Monday, February 1, 2010

September 25th

First off, let me say, "Hellooooooooo 2010!"

I apologize, yet again, for my lack of blogging. For those of you that still follow me/check my blog every now and then, thank you for sticking with me. For those of you who used to follow me, but not so much anymore, hakuna matata.

September 25, 2009 was when I originally wrote this... I just never got around to posting it on here. But that changes today! Please continue reading:

"I went to school in Europe for a year after I graduated high school. Leaving my friends and family, and the friends that felt like family, was more difficult than I was expecting. I knew it was going to be difficult to stay in touch, and I knew that my friends and I were all going to grow, but in different directions.

"It's true. All of that is true. I changed a lot that year, and so did my friends. I lost touch with a lot of them, but God challenged me in ways He wouldn't have been able to had I not left. And although it really sucks that some of this was necessary, I'm glad it happened.

"Coming home was probably the most difficult. I am still having a hard time reconnecting with people. It's almost like we act like we still know each other in hopes that it will be true eventually. On the other hand, I am much better friends with people that were not more than just acquaintances before.

"I have realized my relationship with God is a continuous work in progress. I used to expect my spiritual growth to just happen when I was feeling good, but it doesn't. It happens when you are at your lowest points, when you can't dig any deeper, when you can't fall any faster...

...and that's when God stretches out His hand and catches you."

peace, love, and rockets.

Ps. I love you all so much, and thank you guys for sticking with me, no matter how frustrating I can be some(allthe)time(s). You guys are a big part of why I am who I am right now. So, thank you.

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pastortom said...

Kaeli, thanks for your honesty and transparency! God is stretching you and teaching you. I am blessed by your serving - especially with the musical gifts and abilities God has given you.