Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anatomy of the Magician

So I'm glad you all enjoyed reading my short story. Even though it was considered "cute" on occasion. Gross. Basically, this blog is to analyze the Magician character.

When you first see the Magician, he is sitting in a tent with a deck of cards, a table separating him from the people in line. He treats the people like they don't really matter, they just have to do what he says. I used words like "wryly" and "crooked" to show that he wasn't necessarily good. People were nervous around him, they were afraid of him, and he didn't seem to care. He used deceitful comfort when it was the little boy's turn to pick a card. His false sense of free will was shown when the townspeople picked their own card/destiny/task. The only thing he really cared about was that people followed him and did as he said.

I probably could've done a better job at making him seem more evil or twisted or dark.

JJ pretty much hit the nail on the head when he commented saying that the Magician is sometimes how we might view God - never to be questioned. And that sometimes we act like that. When in reality, God is the Servant that we love because he first loved us.

That is all.

peace, love, and flowing juice of creativity.
kae ricc

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