Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i only feel Alive when i'm catching waves in the Pipeline

I'm a little cheesed off right now. But I'm going to take a moment to recollect myself before continuing with this blog.


I think it's awesome that the college kids have their own "youth group" to go to now. They need it because they aren't in high school anymore and they are dealing with different things so it's good that they are able to have something like that for their age group. I also like how it's given the seniors of this year an opportunity to step up in leadership. We aren't under the wings of the college kids anymore so it has forced us to be pushed out of our comfort zones. But what I do not like about all of this is that the college kids don't really inter-mingle with us like they used to, and vice versa. Yeah, there are still the rare hangouts when everyone goes to the Bee's or something, but it's definitely not the same.

I'm not trying to live in the past or anything, but I really miss those friendships that I have. I feel like I don't really know them anymore because they are always busy going to Busch Gardens or camping with each other, and we are busy with camp and Winter Retreat and missions trips. There's no connection anymore. And everytime I talk to one of the college kids, they all say that they miss hanging out with us.

So I've come to this conclusion: I think that Tuesday nights should be how they are, and so should Wednesday nights, but I think there should be a thing, not necessarily an official church deal, but something that gets both groups of students hanging out with each other so that connection is reconnected. Whether it be once a week, every other week, or once a month, there needs to be something planned that will make it so we can all hang out. An unofficial something, but something that is still organized. And I'm not talking about Beach Worship. That doesn't count. But I digress.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I miss my other friends and not hanging out with them as much. I love you guys.

peace, love, and new ideas.


DK said...

Ew, after my comment you left me, I bathed in muddd.

Anyways, I definitely agree with you on the missing my college friends part, but I think it would be awkward to plan a night of hanging out. Idk if you meant just the date, or the actual activities.. maybe both. I think it would make some people feel like they HAVE to mingle rather than doing it just because. IDK...

Don't feel like I am trashing your idea, I love it. I just don't know how it'd work out. And perhaps.. I'm over thinking it. Wow, I do need that day off. Lets take one together. And I digress.

Much love<3

Jayseekaaa said...

that would be a sweet idea. i was thinking this on sunday actually. how seperated the two groups are. we should plan something that we can all do together.

ps how do u get the cool like friend blog things on the side of your webpage?


bmm88 said...

So I just found your blog, and even though I'm kinda an outsider, as in I just met you all just a little while ago, and a floater, as in I don't really have a solid, constant group that I can fellowship with, I think what you're hitting at is that the unity that once existed seems nonexistent now, am I right?

Unity is such an essential part of growth in the Body of Christ, and I understand that it's quite a different situation since the group split into college and high school. You say you want more hangout sessions; Make it happen. You should approach J.J. with this. I'm sure he'd be able to figure something out.

God bless and stay strong, my friend!

- Brian M.

(P.S. - You still owe me a jam session by the by)

uthpastorjj said...

We'll talk some about this...

and I think J.sica deserves a nickname,,,maybe 'don't cry'

Jessica "Don't Cry" Wolf....I think that would fit your blog.