Friday, April 25, 2008

Ok so, who doesn't own a cell phone?

I have conformed. Yes, it is true, I now have a blog (outside of myspace). Hopefully, I will be faithful to you all in updating this regularly, but there are no guarantees. Back in eighth grade, I had a Xanga, but I haven't really "blogged" in a while. "Blog" is a weird word.

First order of business. I need friends. Not real life friends, but friends on here. I have no idea how this thing works yet, so if you can offer any help in setting up links to other peoples blogs, let me know.

Second thing. How do I get a cool template/background/layout for my blog? I looked at the ones they offer on here, and well, I'm not a fan.

Numero tres. Smooches. Leave me comments.

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