Monday, December 1, 2008

Walk, Jog, Run

So I have been working on some songs lately, but they're not quite finished yet (that's why they aren't up on my Myspace page). But I want you to be able to see the lyrics and let me know what you think about it so far. Here you go:

"Walk, Jog, Run"
By Kaeli Riccardi

Where do I go from here
Now that Your Name's in my ear?
I can't escape it
This hurling wave is
Pulling me on down
Why are you so near
When I have to give is fear?
I'm being so selfish
I feel so worthless as these
Screams fall from my mouth

I'm battling with myself

I run to You
Putting all my fears aside
Carry me through
Take away my pride
I want to see you clearly now
Even though I don't know how

How do I love You more
Than I love myself?
I'm feeling so nauseas
Not being so cautious
I feel like I might drown
Why did I walk away
Instead of fall on my knees and pray?
I'm tired and hungry
I need You to love me
Pick me up off the ground

It's turning me inside out

I run to You
Please take away my pain
Carry me through
'Cause I remembered Your Name
I'm beginning to see You clearly now
I'm starting to learn how

I ran to You
You held me in Your arms
Carried me through
Kept me from the Dark
I can see You clearly now
Praises escaping from my mouth
Nothing on earth can stop me now
Nothing on earth can stop me now

You found me bruised and broken
You saved me with words unspoken
I came to You
You pulled me through
You gave me
Everything I've ever needed (I'll hold)
On to
Be made anew
And see that
You will never leave me
You will never leave me
You will never leave me

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