Monday, December 8, 2008

I'll Blog if Yule Blog

'Tis the season, as it's said. Well folks, it's that time of year again... the time when everything around you is red and green and you hear "Ho ho ho" everywhere you go. Unlike Thanksgiving, Sweden does celebrate Christmas (I hope you understand my humor) with lights and advent and Christmas trees, just like we do. All of this is making me very excited because I get to go home for Christmas in less than two weeks. Crazy, huh?

For the past month and a half-ish, we have been preparing for the big Julkonsert (Christmas concert) that is held at Alseda Kyrka (a really nice Lutheran church) and it's been happening every year for about 30 years. We spent many an hour practicing and preparing and tweaking for this thing, and it was well worth it. Megan, Jenn, Julia, and I got together and wrote our own arrangement for "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel." It started off traditional, and then the last three voices were more upbeat and jazzy. We each had a solo verse and had sick harmonies in the chorus. Also, a group of nineteen of us sang "Silent Night" in four different languages. There was a small group that made up "the band" and sounded freakin' fantastic. And then there was Tyler, Danny, Spencer, Colleen, Joanna, Steph, and myself that performed The Everything Skit for the 400-500 local Swedes, most of whom had never heard about Jesus. That was exhilarating. It was very emotional for all of us. Well, you guys have seen it. You know. I will be posting a video of it on my Facebook soon. (The picture was from the dress rehearsal, so not everyone is in their full costume.)

What's even cooler is there's a Christian TV channel here and on December 10, our entire Christmas concert will be on that channel. How awesome! More Swedes will be able to hear and see the love of our God. Uhh, exciting much?

Afterwards, we invited everyone back to Holsby for some fika and conversation. It was really neat to be able to speak with them afterwards. I was COMPLETELY exhausted at around 10pm, so I signed out of breakfast and slept in.

peace, love, and still catching up on sleep.

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Kenneth said...

That is truly amazing. The oppurtunities. That is indeed a powerful skit. The Feather sound group did it at the Thirsty event and man it was something else.

See you soon.