Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hold up, wait a minute

Time has FLOWN by.

It feels like I've been here for maybe a month, but I've been here in Sweden for about three. I leave in three days to head back to the States and I'm pretty excited about that because I get to see my family, Cory, and, of course, all of you guys!

I have been considering something, though, and I think it's good for you all to know before I actually get home. I really want to come back for winter school here and I applied for a visa and everything and praying for a way for money to come in. Well, the staff obviously knows that I've been trying to work out all the details, and they have offered me a scholarship for spring school if I come back for winter school. That means that I will just be in Sweden for free. I won't have to pay for tuition for that year, or anything besides personal expenses.

Before I actually got to Sweden, I never really prayed about it very much. But once I got here and started to experience God in a new way, I really started praying about it a lot. And seriously over the course of two days, we found a way to apply for a visa (long story), and I was offered that scholarship. So I think God may be opening some doors for me to come back. It's still not definite, but I wanted you to know.

We (the girls) pranked the guys last night. They ALL went out for pizza as an end-of-the-semester thing and we went and stole their sheets, pillows, and blankets. Each girl had one guy's stuff and we left them to go on a scavenger hunt in which they eventually found out which girl had their stuff and had to do what the card said before we would give it back to them. 95% of the guys said it was a good prank and did what the cards said, but then there was that last 5% that had really bad attitudes towards the whole thing. My philosophy is, if you can't take it, don't dish it out. This prank on them was revenge for the two pranks they pulled on us. They just need to put some M-A-N on their attitudes. Oh well, it was fun.

Everyone packed up their rooms today which was a weird feeling. We find out who our new roommates are tomorrow and then we're putting all of the stuff we're not taking with us in those rooms and staying one night with our new roommates. I'm pretty excited about that.

That's all for now.

peace, love, and coming home soon.

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Loren Fay. said...

lawl to the bad attitude boys. funny stuff!

glad your coming home.

sounds exciting about going back & such. you are gonna be greatly missed all oever again lol.

when would this going back thing happen? i kinda got confuddled about that bit?! lol..