Wednesday, November 5, 2008

London Bridge is, well, still standing

Currently, I'm sitting in the Gothenburg train station (still in Sweden) with Colleen and Christy. We got here at around 1pm, ate some lunch, and paid for unternet access. We have about seven hours until our flight leaves for London, so we're basically killing time. It's fun though. We have already had an adventure. We got to Vetlanda around 8:40am to pick up our train tickets and board the train, which actually turned out to be a bus that would take us to the train station. Needless to say, we almost missed it. It was by the grace of God that we realized we needed to be on the bus that was pulling out of its parking spot. Colleen was actually the one that noticed it. Kudos.

As soon as we got on the bus, we huddled together and prayed, although we were laughing about the fact that we could've not ended up going to London, or being late for our train. The bus ride was about 50 minutes that passed very quickly. We found our platform for our train really easily, even though it was in Swedish. It wasn't too hard to figure out. The train ride took about two and a half hours. And that brings us to the beginning of this blog.

I am very excited about going to a place that I have always wanted to go. We decided that while we were there, we are going to only speak with British accents. Haha, we are such losers.

peace, love, and Cheerio(s)!


Kenneth said...

cheerios! yummy! adventures!

kae ricc said...

hahaha, your comments are always splendid, Kenny.

Loren Fay. said...

yikes, how did the british accent thing work out for you?! lol