Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deep Sea Thinking

What we did in class last night was really interesting. Jesse told us to get out a sheet of paper, and we obliged. Then he said to take a few minutes and write down five reason why we believe in the Bible.


Wow. That was hard to pinpoint. Yes, there are the obvious reasons like, prophesies have come true, it gives truth to all aspects of life, outside manuscripts and eyewitnesses that prove it. But why else we believe in the Bible?

So I just want you to marinate on that for a bit. Chew on it, digest it. Why do you believe in the Bible?

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Pat said...

Hey Kaeli. It was great to talk to you yesterday. Like I said, I love reading all your posts and seeing the pictures. It's hard to imagine you so far away though.
When I read your latest post this morning I was struck by your assignment to write five reasons for believing the Bible. I also came up with the standards that you had, but it's got me thinking now so I will also be ruminating on that question for some time.
Forgiveness, that's so hard sometimes. I had such a hard time trusting women for many years because of the relationship I had with my sister. I have many scars and painful memories of her treatment, but after so many years of holding onto it, the Lord has finally shown me how to let go. I can love her now even if I still have scars. They don't hurt as badly because I know who I am in the Lord. I am not what I was told I was for so many years, I am what He says I am. Does that make sense? It was a huge breakthrough for me and I pray you will have that same breakthrough without having to wait 50 years to achieve it.
I love you squirt and all the mud pictures were my favorites. You look so strong and tough!