Saturday, April 23, 2011


How do I go about doing what I feel God is calling me to do at this particular moment in my life, when my mom doesn't want me to do that? How do I continue to be respectful to her and honor her? Someone, please. If you have an answer, send it my way. I need some direction here.

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Sara said...

I really don't know...but I do know that neither of my parents are happy about the prospect of me being a missionary. If the rest of my family knew the type of people I wanted to serve (namely the literally, emotionally and spiritually impoverished) then they'd go crazy. They will once I realize where I'm headed and tell them. The only way I've learned to get through (which is still really rough) is to be as kind as possible and as slow as possible in explaining why you're doing what you're doing, but insistent. Consistency is key because, as mothers, if they think they know better and think they can break you they will not stop. It's a great quality if they're right. If they're wrong it makes doing the right thing extremely difficult. Try not to get into fights with them (though this will probably be very hard as, from their vantage point, you are making a huge mistake and from yours, this is a huge, pivotal moment in your life that you want to make for God). It'll be easier to be respectful if you remember to see it from her side, though she probably will not do you the same courtesy. I don't know what your particular problem is but for me, God told me to think of my family as practice for real-world scenarios I would come across when missioning to people. Not that she's just supposed to be a test or something but if you get frustrated that God has allowed you to come across this particular conundrum that may be why. Sometimes God allows those "little" tests in your life that you can only pass if you prove to Him that He's above everyone else to you. But He wouldn't allow it to happen if you couldn't handle it and find your way right-side-up again. If you still want to talk about it you can always call or we can hang out :-)