Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In this body, we will live

This is an older post from 2006, I believe. But I really like it, and I've edited it a bit:

I was thinking about the human body, recently. Honestly, I have no idea why. I was just thinking about it. Have you ever realized how completely complex it is? I mean, seriously, how the heck did God come up with that? Mad props to Him. Not only that, but He made two types of the human body: male and female, just to add a mixture of complexity.

Think about it. Men - hunters, pursuers, Mr. Fix-its. Women - emotional range of the atlantic ocean, mysterious, valuable. The two beings fit together perfectly. Who in there right mind could honestly unveil something as insane and amazing as this?

I was at a camp a few years ago and in our seminar time, they kept saying, "God isn't big. He's beyond." That really hit me when I started thinking about how our lungs know to breathe when we are unconcious, how if we've been burned our brain tells our bodies. Or even how our heart knows the right time to beat. Only God could have come up with something like that. God isn't big. He's beyond. God's love is beyond.

God loves us so much. His love is so beyond, that we almost never understand why things are the way they are, or why situations turn out the way they do. The most we can do is love God back.

peace, love, and reflection.
kae. li.

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