Sunday, May 3, 2009

More from Italy

Day Eleven:
It was a beautiful day when we woke up the next morning. We took Julia to the train station to head back to Rome yesterday (something I think I left out) and so it was down to Kjell, Steph, Tyler, Luke, Taylor, and myself.  Our hostel was right near the beach so we went to the grocery store, bought some food, and ate it on the beach. After that, Kjell and I took a walk looking for sea shells and walking on an old pier that was just stone. Pretty soon, Luke and Taylor were running past us to the end of it. We spent the first half of the day just chilling on the beach, enjoying the weather. Then we decided to go back to St. Marc's Square and kick some pigeons. There were a lot more people out today and there were TONS of pigeons and we had fun kickin' 'em around a bit. The pigeons, not the people. There are a few restaurants around the Square and one of them was playing jazz and swing music, so Kjell and I swing danced to it for a bit. We should've had a hat out or something because people stopped to take pictures or to video tape it. I guess we did look pretty amazing. Later, we went to the train station to see if there were any night trains going to Vienna, Austria, and there were, so we got on one. We booked a car with seats instead of beds because the seats were way cheaper. They ended up being able to fold down to form one big bed, and in the end we were all spooning with each other. It was packed. There wasn't much sleep that night.

Day Twelve:
We made it to Austria okay and just sort of walked around for a while. Kjell had been there before so he showed us around a bit and we saw a cool museum and neat statues and stuff. Then we went to get schnitzel and it was DELICIOUS. That's basically all we did in Austria - walk and eat. Haha. Toward the end of the day we went to the train station and got on a train and headed toward Prague, Czech Republic. We got there around 5pm and NO ONE spoke a word of English. Thankfully, Steph is incredibly organized and had the directions from the train station to our hostel already worked out. It took us maybe ten minutes to walk there. We got all checked (haha, no pun intended) into the hostel, checked our email, and went out to grab something to eat for dinner. Then we got cleaned up and went to bed.

peace, love, and PRAGUE.
kae-li, slapshot mcgee


Kenneth said...


Sounds like so much fun. Me and Nick are planning on going back-packing through Europe one summer. Maybe you can suggest some sights?

either way miss you and glad to see you are having some adventures.

kae ricc said...

Oh man, I HIGHLY suggest coming out here for a bit.

Suggested places to see:
-Germany (but the country, not the city)
-France (I went to Strasbourg which was sweet, but I wanted to go to Paris)
-Italy (DEFINITELY Rome and Venice. Venice was my favorite place)
-Switzerland (only so you can see the Swiss Alps. They are beautiful)
-Croatia (I didn't get to go, but I've seen pictures and it's beautiful)
-Czech Repub. was neat (Prague)