Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Useless Information

Here is a list of 100 things you may or may not know about me. I did this a few years ago, but some of them have changed.

Enjoy, or dont...

1. I love rain
2. I am afraid of growing old
3. I know what to do with my life, but don't know where to start
4. I want to learn to box
5. I played "Midget Mustang" basketball
6. My mom helped me learn how to play the flute
7. I used to prank call all the time
8. I go on Facebook almost every day I'm near a computer
9. I now have a desire to read my bible
10. My first real job was my worst job
11. I want to learn how to ride a street bike
12. I love olives
13. San Diego is my favorite city in the western half of the US
14. Black Mountain is my favorite town in the eastern half of the US
15. I've always wanted to surf but am too afraid of sharks
16. I like fishing, but not touching the bait or the fish
17. I can't wait to get out of Florida
18. I never knew either of my grandfathers
19. I played soccer in middle school
20. I have bad luck with guys
21. I had braces
22. I used to sleep with a piece of silk. I'd rub it and go right to sleep
23. I also used to sleep with two "blankies"
24. My tent had Barbie on it
25. I also had a Barbie sleeping bag
26. I used to build lego bases in blanket forts
27. My favorite movie is Hot Rod
28. I am addicted to Japanese food
29. I prefer coke to pepsi, but feel guilty after drinking one
30. I can't have my food touch other things on my plate, unless I think it goes togather
31. It has taken me about thirty minutes to get this far
32. I accomplish more in the hours before 10 am, and if I sleep past 10, I feel like the whole day is worthless
33. I love water
34. I prefer Figi water
35. I hate reality TV
36. I went through a huge plaid phase
37. I even bought plaid skirts, shirts, and pj's
38. My first job was bagging groceries
39. I miss having a dog
40. My hair has been at least ten different colors
41. I used to want to act (I still sort of do)
42. I think NyQuill tastes disgusting
43. My first pet was a hamster
44. I used to bite my nails all the time. I don't do that anymore
45. I have never lived alone
46. The oldest friend I have (we went to preschool together) is Caleb
47. I am somewhat okay at ping pong
48. The first movie I saw in a theatre (that I can remember) was Polly
49. I consider myself unique
50. I am a vegetarian
51. I love watching hockey
52. I really love watching soccer during the Fifa World Cup
53. If I was going to be a guy, my mom was going to name me Zach
54. I rarely get eight hours of sleep a night
55. I have several email addresses
56. My favorite cereal is Reese's Peanutbutter Puffs
57. Jim Carrey is one of my all time favorite actors
58. I love sushi
59. I wish I was on a flag football team
60. I hate golf
61. I love staying home and watching movies with all my friends shoved on my couch
62. My best friend died of cancer a year ago
63. I consider myself neither Democrat nor Republican, nor liberal or conservative
64. I would never vote for a person based solely on their political party
65. I wish that fried food was good for you, I would eat it every day
66. I consider myself a connoisseur of cheese sticks. I alternate each dip from marinara sauce to ranch dressing
67. I also love honey BBQ boneless buffalo wings from Applebee's
68. My mom makes some of the greatest food ever
69. I lived in Europe for a year
70. The worst movie I have ever seen was Balls of Fury
71. I hate humidity
72. I know all the words to a lot of my favorite movies
73. My sister and I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club
74. We also used to eat cucumbers with vinegar (it's a pickle)
75. I often regret major purchases, soon after I buy them
76. I wish I would have never stopped taking piano lessons. I will probably be the sort of parent who makes their kid do that sort of thing
77. I don't mind sweating, as long as I can shower soon after
78. I did marching band for six years when I was in school
79. I am secretly jealous of Hayley Williams' voice and her writing ability
80. I say something at least once a day to get the response, "Are you serious?"
81. I am in fact, serious
82. I enjoy people-watching
83. I enjoy walking around by myself
84. My car is a stick shift. Most days I like it, sometimes I don't
85. I have never liked baseball
86. Most nights, I fall asleep watching something on Netflix
87. I can type 75 words per minute
88. My dream car is a restored '69 Dodge Charger
89. I hate money
90. My first bi racial crush was Jordan (Jeff's cousin)
91. I am against plastic surgery, for the most part
92. I want to excel in all things music
93. I have never owned a new car
94. I am thinking about going back to Sweden
95. I have wanted to be a "rock star" since I was ten
96. I truthfully don't always like who I am
97. I have only been in a minor car accident, and it wasn't my fault. Really
98. My favorite hockey player is Martin St. Louis (Lightning)
99. I don't play guitar as much as I would like to
100. I wish I was more athletic

peace, love, and more info than you probably wanted.


Kenneth said...

lol nice. I knew like 99% of this stuff but it is nice to see it in writing. And if you go to sweden I will be sad :[

kaelisaurus said...

If you knew 99% of this, that means you only didn't know one thing. Which one thing was that?

Kenneth said...

ok so in reality I knew 78% of this lol. this time I checked :p